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Active Optical Displayport Cable (LUSEM)

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Active Optical Displayport Cable (LUSEM)
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LUSEM DisplayPort 1.2a Active optical cable (LDP-xxxx) enables users to experience a generic Plug-and-Play uncompressed interconnect for distributing DisplayPort streams over the conventional reach of copper-based cables.

DisplayPort 1.2a, 4k@60Hz, 4:4:4, 8 Bit color depth. 5.4 Gbps/Lane(HBR2) link rate operating (Fiber channel). Audio: 1-8 channel of 16 or 24-bit linear PCM; 32 to 192 KHz sampling rate.

This 4K UHD miniature active fiber optic cable performs up to 100 meters (328 feet) reach and supports a handy and power-efficient digital multimedia signal extensions to remote high resolution display devices. Users are able to enjoy the state-of-the-art advances in DisplayPort technologies along with the highest industry resolutions (3840x2160 & 4096x2160) along with relative audio features that DisplayPort should take.

LDP series is superior to other cables in its physical form-factors and performances. The cable is thin (0.15inches) and light (0.4lbs/33ft) and robust (500N pulling and crush load strength) and employs a hybrid topology where 4 strands of multimode optical fibers carry around the TMDS payload and the 6 strands of AWG28 insulated copper wires work with powering to cable and voltage assertion prior to hardware handshake operations such as DPCD, HDCP and EDID to play out the AV contents in the system.

The cable jacket option covers all  EU flame-retardant requirements with low smoke halogen-free jacket to the customers.

The optical fiber cable possesses de facto merits over conventional copper cables by reducing the risk of EMI and RFI degradation for stable performance when used in typically high interference environments wherever high resolution and 24/7 operation for displays are mandatory

Users do not need to power externally this cable on sites since the cable is electronically designed to draw the current from the source device when the cable is interconnected with source and display devices.

However, some display source devices do not output sufficient current to power active optical cables or the output current may drop as the sink draws power from it . Provided that the users have a source that does not provide enough power on its DisplayPort output for these types of devices, any types of readily available voltage inserter should be inserted between the output port of source device and the AOC source connector end.




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Input Connector

Displayport IN 1x

Output Connector

Displayport OUT 1x


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