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Multipoint Control Unit

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Multipoint Control Unit
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Designed for next generation communications networks by the voice and video over IP experts, PLANET Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) is a smart solution that offers you an easy way to connect, conference, and collaborate any way of communication you need. In the video conferencing performance, PLANET MCU multi-function platform is the most flexible and total solution for deploying IP-centric voice, video and Surveillance communications.

As one of the PLANET MCU series, the MCU-1900 is a powerful IP multimedia conferencing device delivering high quality voice and video with IP surveillance capabilities. The platform is a leading solution for deploying real-time voice, video and surveillance services over IP. Stream your video conference over your intranet or the Internet. The MCU operates with PLANET IP camera to offer viewing at multiple speeds that ensures everyone access the video conferencing and watch the IP cameras without difficulty.

What a way to start a conference with preset configurations of unification, voice, video, and surveillance. The MCU-1900 offers up to 9 videos, 60 audio concurrent calls, and 200 user registrations. It is an ideal integrated IP communication facilitator for the SMB and SOHO markets.




Artikelnummer 8658-0411-01
Hersteller PLANET
Lieferzeit 28 Tage


  • Multi-codec for H.263 / H.263p / MPEG-4 compression
  • Supports Video / Voice Conferencing service
  • Simultaneous Voice calls: 60 concurrent calls
  • Simultaneous Video calls: 12 concurrent calls
  • Supports IP-Surveillance Hosting service
  • Call Detailed Record (CDR)
  • User Management via Web Browsers
  • Built-in SIP Proxy Server Following RFC-3261
  • Asterisk Compatible IP PBX
  • Recording MCU room's Video / Voice to File
  • Video MCU screen format : 1:1, 1:4, 1:6, 1:7, 1:8, 1:9
  • Call Transfer / Call Hold / Call Park