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MediaStar Evolution 782-AV

MediaStar 4K UHD IPTV and Media Player

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MediaStar Evolution 782-AV
MediaStar 4K UHD IPTV and Media Player
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The 782 is a powerful and ultra-reliable solid state media player, a full 4K UHD multi-zone digital signage platform and a networked ‘Live’ stream IPTV decoder. With its on board memory and digital signage content delivery options it is ideal for any deployment

The unit supports many video formats that can be displayed full screen or scaled using the built in hardware decoding engine. A single UHD 4K HEVC or H264 video can be played out, or multiple 1080i H264/MPEG2 videos can be displayed. Video can be stored and accessed locally from flash, a remote RTSP video server or played from ‘Live’ multicast network stream​s.

Using HTML5, the full UHD 4K screen resolution can be a configured webpage to simultaneously show different forms of media in different dynamic zones, each of which can contain video playout, RSS text feeds, smooth scrolling tickers, real-time clocks and HTML web pages as well as support for graphics widgets.

The 782 also has a front panel HDMI video and Line/Mic audio input, enabling local inputs to be displayed at full screen or within a selected zone as part of a composite image. This functionality can be used for creating multi-zone signage streams, lecture capture or for broadcasting live presentations.

Infrared, RS-232, HDMI CEC and USB connectivity enable local operation such as display control; keyboard and mouse interaction; IP command pass through for 3rd party control systems and external alarm audio mute.

The unit will also email proof of play reports and send SNMP traps if required. An IR blaster output is available as well as 6 external contact closures for external control functions.

Depending upon implementation requirements, the 782 media player offers two alternative firmware options, 782-AV and 782-AV-DS. The 782-AV can operate networked under the control of the MediaStar Media Manager software suite (Part 462) enabling a system administrator to configure an extensive range of time based and user selected media playout controls.

Alternatively, the 782-AV-DS can be programmed by MediaStar Creator (Part 478) a fully featured content creation program for MediaStar system users to easily design, compile and aggregate their own original branded signage content for display on any number of screens and display points around an organisation.

Available with multiple memory options and with its maintenance free operation, small physical size, low power consumption and software future proofing, the 782 is ideally suited for both large scale distributed applications or simple single screen deployments. Please see model options below.




Artikelnummer 8613-0160-00
Hersteller Cabletime
Lieferzeit 2-10 Tage


  • Supports SD, HD and UHD multizone screen formats
  • Decodes HEVC, H264, MPEG2 video standards
  • Renders HTML5, JPEGS, PNG, GIFs
  • DVB TeleText / CC subtitles DolbyDigital+ Multilanguage
  • Zones can contain Video, RSS text, tickers, realtime clocks
  • AES 128 decryption capability
  • CEC & RS-232 screen control, IR blaster functionality
  • IP to RS-232 pass through, external contact closures (6)


Encoding MPEG-2, H.264
Steuerung RS-232


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