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Software licence for EasyCast MediaServer

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Software licence for EasyCast MediaServer
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EasyCast MediaServer is a turnkey editing, storage, streaming and display platform for your content created with EasyCast

Online hosting or local storage
Encoding and streaming through the Cloud or integration with existing infrastructure
A WebTV to display and organize content, with a powerful search engine for viewers to access precise information

Software licence for EasyCast MediaServer deployed on a local compatible server or OH-ECS-001. Includes a streaming server using HTTP/RTMP/HLS (Android and iOS device support). Includes a WebTV portal for access management, content editing (media trimming and metadata editing) and media playback within a portable Flash/HTML5 player. Does not include storage. Yearly fee. Includes all software updates, maintenance and support

Rich Media player
The video catalogue supplied with EasyCast MediaServer offers a Rich Media player (chapterized video + slides). This format is particularly economical in bandwidth, allows a user to view/download all slides and invert the position of the video and slides.

Metadata input
MediaServer's back-office enables a user to enter various information concerning a media (title, description, author, license type, keywords, etc...). It is fed to a search engine that offers viewers the possibility to find the sequences and information they seek.

Interactivity - comments and chat
Add comments to a VOD recording to stimulate exchange between the presenter and viewers, or a chat module for live streaming. Viewer participation can be moderated.

LDAP and CAS authentification
The video catalogue support user/viewer authentication via LDAP ((Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and CAS (Central Authentication Service). This allows admins to define rules (displayed channels, suggested videos, etc.) according to user groups.

Graphical customization
The video catalogue adapts very well to your graphic charter. Almost all elements can be modified ; header, footer, colors, icons and Rich Media player. A particular CSS can be applied by simple Copy/Paste.

Detailed statistics
EasyCast MediaServer allows admins and specific users to access detailed viewing statistics for individual media, channels or the entire video catalogue. Indicators are such as total and average view time.

Related documents
Attach up to 30 Mb of documents to each media (.jpg, .pdf, .ppt, etc.). An option also allows viewers to submit attached documents.

RSS Feeds and iTunes Podcasting
EasyCast MediaServer generates RSS feeds (latest added videos, per-channel feeds):
• standard RSS feeds, dedicated to regular news feed readers
• both audio (podcast) and video (vodcast) iTunes-compliant feeds that enable you to distribute your content on iTunesU and your users to synchronize their mobile devices automatically to newly available content

Recording scheduling
The MediaServer back-end communicates with one or more EasyCast units and can trigger/stop recordings and live streaming within specifically designated time frames.

Example of home page of the video catalogue
Example of page dedicated to one media (with comments)

Requires 2 man/days (2 x INR-001) for remote deployment




Artikelnummer olecs001
Administrator UbiCast
Lieferzeit 15-30 Tage


Eigenschaften EasyCast MediaServer editing, storage, streaming and display platform


LV-Textdoclv_ubicast_ecs-001-l_local_deployment.doc (25.5 KB )
Datenblattpdfubicast_easycast_mediaserver_vd-eu.pdf (737.11 KB )

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