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VEMS MYSTRO STD S+H / 8000-0171-06

End-to-end Video Streaming Management and Display

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VEMS MYSTRO STD S+H / 8000-0171-06
End-to-end Video Streaming Management and Display
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VEMS Mystro delivers an integrated, seamless experience for administrators and users alike. Administrators can utilize its powerful integrated functionality to manage both live video webcast, broadcasts and stored video assets — and merge video and rich media for more impactful communication.Meanwhile, for end-users, VEMS Mystro transforms how they access, share and collaborate around rich media. It delivers the right content to the right users, seamlessly — whether that content is being viewed on a PC, Mac, TV, mobile device, unified communications client, digital sign or interactive whiteboard. End-users can easily find and share content with colleagues in a completely intuitive fashion. In addition, its single sign-on makes VEMS Mystro easy to access and also highly secure.

For even greater impact, VEMS Mystro’s presenter module allows users to combine PowerPoint and video synchronization to engage audiences, encourage interaction and increase retention of your messages. Not only can audiences view the webcast, but they can also chat back to the presenter. At the same time, the module allows the presenter to gauge their own effectiveness by sending interactive polls and viewing results in real-time.

• Manage live event recording and broadcasts for 100, 1,000 or 10,000 participants — they just log on and watch!
• VEMS Mystro recognizes each user’s location and their device or player, including iPads and Androids, and then delivers the right content from the closest resource.
• Integrates with VBrick’s Online Streaming Service (VBOSS) to store and access content seamlessly from the cloud.
• Built-in interoperability with 3rd-party content providers simplifies content access and management.
• Incorporates video within unified communications tools such as Microsoft Lync, OCS and SharePoint.



Artikelnummer 8646-0336-01
Administrator VBrick
Lieferzeit 15-30 Tage


Eigenschaften Streaming Portal, Viewing Protal, Management and Display
Aufzeichnung Ja
Steuerung Web Interface


Ethernet IN 2x


Datenblattpdfvbrick_vems_vd-eu.pdf (234.11 KB )
Enterprise IP Overviewpdfvbrick_vems_mystro-enterprise-ip-video_vd-eu.pdf (904.16 KB )

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