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RCK-006 Central Editing and Rendering System CERS

Rack unit with 19” touch screen CERS

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RCK-006 Central Editing and Rendering System CERS
Rack unit with 19” touch screen CERS
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EasyCast Campus is the most complete solution for recording every presentation within an establishment

Automated presentation capture
Published as interactive webinars or HD podcasts
Fleet management and content editing from a centralized controller

Rack unit with 19” touch screen. Central Editing and Rendering System (CERS), offers a touch screen user interface for centralized Editing and Publishing of all Recording Nodes recorded content. Includes Campus Manager software license for remote control of Recording Nodes, includes 1 year maintenance and 45-day replacement Shipping dimensions and weight : (WxLxH in mm) 432x521x178, (Kg) 18

Centralized fleet management
Recording units in an EasyCast Campus setup are managed remotely from a single Web control panel, called Campus Manager. It offers command planning, remote unit restarting and updating and remote control over one or more units. This admin interface is a powerful and complete tool for managing an entire EasyCast Campus solution.

EasyCast OS
• The Studio is powered by EasyCast OS, a Linux-based operating system dedicated to assisted audiovisual production.
• Minimalist touch-screen user interface, conceived for non-experts
• Assisted post-production : trimming and keyword extraction using character recognition
• User profile support for automating processes (publishing, titling, etc.)
• Automatic updates and maintenance via Internet

VGA capture and indexing

• Webinar (audio, video, slides): full resolution JPEG capture upon slide change and automatic creation of an index
• Double Video (audio, video, presentor screen) : data input at 25 images/sec (up to 1920*1080px). Example above
• Screencast (audio and slides) : data input at 25 images/sec (up to 1920*1080px)

Automatic speaker framing

When used in fixed locations, EasyCast can autonomously frame a presenter in movement by detecting his/her face, torso and movements. EasyCast creates dynamic videos without requiring any manipulation.

Metadata extraction
EasyCast automatically extracts slide titles and keywords (using Optical Character Recognition) of captures slides. This information is used to chapterize the video and feed a search engine.

Centralized post-production
Essential post-production operations are easily done directly on the EasyCast interface : redefinition the beginning/end of a recording and removing moments within a recording.

Automatic media publishing
EasyCast publishes recorded content to EasyCast MediaServer, a turnkey solution that combines a storage and streaming server along with a WebTV. EasyCast also supports an extensive range of third party WebTVs, CDNs and open platforms such as YouTube/YouTube Edu and iTunes/iTunes U. Can be integrated into e-learning platforms and LMS (Learning Management System) like Moodle and ILIAS. A custom plug-in can also be created by UbiCast for one-touch publishing to your WebTV or intranet.

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Artikelnummer 8663-0015-01
Administrator UbiCast
Lieferzeit 15-30 Tage


Eigenschaften Central Editing and Rendering System


Ethernet IN 1x




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