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Cabletime - IP-TV und Streaming Lösungen

Cabletime LogoCabletime bietet hochwertige IP-TV und Streaming Lösungen jeder Art. Der Hersteller hat sich auf SD und HD Übertragungen über IP-basierende Netzwerke von einem oder mehreren AV Signalen zu mehreren Nutzern spezialisiert. Es können sowohl Sat-TV Signale als auch beliebige analoge und digitale Videoquellen ins Netzwerk eingespeist werden. Der Empfang kann entweder über dedizierte Hardware Decoder oder über Standard Software Player am PC vorgenommen werden.


How it works

Cabletime How it works

Why MediaStar?

The Mediastar range enables clear,
accurate and rapid delivery of media assets.

We use cutting-edge technology to deliver
the very best possible solution.

We take the time to understand clients’ needs
and deliver the functionality that they need,
not what we want to sell.

Minimum disruption
We deliver solutions that can use existing
infrastructure and maximise ROI.

We offer both on-LAN and off-LAN solutions,
so users can choose the size and functionality
to suit their organisation.

Users can add sources and users whenever
they need, while maintaining the very highest quality.

Users can monitor output and take control of the
media environment they are creating for their
particular business.

Environmentally friendly
Power management of all your screens and
MediaStar hardware prolongs life and reduces
costs as well as the environmental load.


Features Overview:

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