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Air 2K

2K 60Ghz WirelessHD® Adapter

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Air 2K
2K 60Ghz WirelessHD® Adapter
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Air 2K makes it easy to connect 2K video in locations where wire runs might be difficult or impossible. By transmitting HD content with near zero lag time between the source and display, Air 2K delivers cable-like reliability. Leveraging advanced radar technology used in fighter aircraft, Air 2K's 60GHz phased-array beam-forming technology automatically scans the room and looks for the best path from transmitter to receiver in every frame of video – up to 60 times a second – making the system free from interference. Comparatively, 2.4GHz and 5GHz-based Wi-Fi networks are subject to frequent interference, have no ability to heal the signal if disturbed, and are forced to compress video to fit in their available bandwidth. Based on SiBeam’s 60GHz WirelessHD technology Air 2K is specifically designed with up to a 3Gb/s data rate. With this professional grade technology Air2K will reduce installation time and eliminate call-backs. DVDO also includes an exclusive wireless configuration utility that allows for signal strength indication and software upgrades.


Connect audio/video (AV) gear to your TV wirelessly, with the performance that you expect from a cable.

  • Transmit up to 1080p more than 30 feet in room without any interference
  • Deliver uncompressed HD content
  • HDMI cable-like reliability
  • Easy installation and powered right from your TV (DIY)
  • Auto-Beam steering finds the best path
  • Self-healing connection

No more clutter

All the reliability of an HDMI cable without the messy wire. Place the receiver on top of the TV or hide it behind for the ultimate clean look.

Free from interference

A 60GHz frequency signal means no interference from other wireless devices in the home.

Easy to install

Air 2K can be plugged into TVs or source players, while drawing power from your TV. It’s simple to install and configure with ten different mounting options for the perfect fit.

A proven technology

Air 2K is based on the Air3C™, which is installed in thousands of homes and businesses worldwide. Stream video, cable/satellite, Blu-Ray, and even Internet content – up to 1080p60, 3D, and 7.1 surround sound.

Great for gaming

“Zero latency” means no delay between your gaming console and the big screen.




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Key Features

• 60GHz WirelessHD Technology
• HDMI Connectivity supporting 1080p60 resolution
• USB powered
• 30’+ in-room connection
• 100’ line-of-sight connection
• Exclusive pro-installation software
• RF “beam” steering for auto-healing connection
• Free from other Wi-Fi interference
• Low latency — almost zero lag time
• 7.1 HD audio
• 3D support
• CEC pass through
• Fast recovery
• Easy installation: 10+ mouning options
• Bounce off walls for hidden installation


Audio IN 7.1ch PCM audio up to 192kHz, DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1ch up to 96kHz, and 5.1ch to 192kHz


Audio OUT 7.1ch PCM audio up to 192kHz, DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1ch up to 96kHz, and 5.1ch to 192kHz


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