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DVI-D to VGA (Female) Adapter

DVI-D to VGA Adapter

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DVI-D to VGA (Female) Adapter
DVI-D to VGA Adapter
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Connect a DVI-D Enabled Computer or Other DVI-D Device to a VGA Supported TV, Monitor or Projector

Connect your DVI-D (Digital) enabled device to a VGA supported TV, monitor or projector with the UltraVideo DVI-D to VGA adapter. Use the included DVI cable to connect the adapter to your computer or other DVI-D source. The supplied USB cable can attach to an available USB port for power or to the included USB AC adapter. Connect your VGA cable to the adapter and a VGA display for a clear and sharp picture. The adapter supports TV resolutions up to 1080p or 1920x1200 60Hz (reduced blanking) for computers.

DVI-D to VGA (Female) Adapter

The Accell DVI-D to VGA adapter uses premium components to ensure the highest performance and maximum ease of use with your computer or other digital DVI video source. The adapter is designed to work with devices featuring the digital DVI connector.


  • This adapter does not convert a VGA output to DVI-D.
  • VGA displays do not support HDCP protected (encrypted) content such as DVD movies.
  • DVI adapters are unable to transmit HDCP enabled content to a VGA display.
  • The features of this adapter are subject to the capabilities of the DVI source device and graphics solution.

DVI-D to VGA Adapter

  • Adapts a DVI-D Device to VGA
  • Supports 1080p and Computer Resolutions up to 1920x1200 60Hz With Reduced Blanking
  • Delivers up to 30-Bit Color for Billions of Colors
  • USB or AC Powered - USB Cable and AC Power Adapter are Included

Advanced Design and Construction


  • Compliant with DVI 1.0 specification
  • Supports 10 bits RGB color output
  • Supports up to 1080P, 1920x1200, 60Hz, reduced blanking
  • Supports up to 225MHz video timing
  • EDID control and MCCS pass-through from display to source
  • Automatic sink detection
  • USB or AC Powered

System Requirements:

  • Device with a DVI-D (digital) port
  • USB port or power outlet (for power)
  • VGA cable not included



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