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DVB-T/-C Modulator 12 x Composite Video, SD only

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DVB-T/-C Modulator 12 x Composite Video, SD only
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12 ChannelSD MPEG2 Digital Video Encoder/QAM Modulator, 12 x Composite Video/Analog Audio Inputs, 480i input with 59.94 fields per second, 12 Digital SD Channels on 2 QAM RF Frequencies, Closed Captioning Support, LAN Config/Management, 45 dBmV RF Output, 480i.

Priced competitively with analog modulation, the new HDbridge 2312 encodes and modulates 12 SD sources for crystal clear digital reception at connected HDTVs. Quick setup through a web browser enables you to customize your system. Uses the digital tuner built into every HDTV


• QAM or DVB-T/C modulator (varies by region)
• Far better picture quality—today’s TVs want digital!
• Signal quality—won’t degrade like analog
• Simple configuration—add or upgrade channels in minutes
• Digital picture quality – composite video inputs are converted to clear digital channels, while respecting content broadcast requirements
• Simple upgrade – unplug your existing analog modulators and reuse the same wiring!
• Color LCD for front-panel configuration and at-a-glace monitoring and status
• Ethernet port – for configuration and remote management
• Analog Audio - internally encoded and broadcast as Dolby® AC-3 or MPEG-1 Layer 2 (varies by region)
• Integrated Closed Caption support – required for ADA compliance in many applications.


• Video Transport Bit Rate : 38.78 Mbps
• Video Encoding Data Rates: Variable, 2 Mbps - 12 Mbps per channel
• Average Encoding Data Rate : 10-12 Mbps per channel
• Encoding Latency: Programmable 100 msec to 400 msec
• Color Profile: 4:2:0
• Frequency Range: 54 to 864 MHz, 2 kHz resolution
• Output Power: +45 dBmV typical
• Output Level Adjust: 25 - 45 dBmV in 1 dBmV steps
• MER: >40 dB typical
• Power: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 60W max. 30W Typical. IEC 60320-C14
• Temperature/Humidity Operating +32F to +113F (0C to +45C) / 10% to 80%, non-condensing
• System Weight: 6.25lb (2.84 kg)
• Shipping Weight 7.88 lbs (3.58 kg)
• Carton Dimensions: 108 mm H 785 mm W 308 mm D
• Dimensions: 44x441x252 mm


Update Firmware via Front Panel:
If the unit is connected to the internet and has access to the ZeeVee servers you can update the firmware using the front panel by holding the left and right arrow buttons down at the same time. This should bring up an “update firmware” option. Use the arrow buttons to select it then press the ok button. If the option is grayed out the firmware is either up to date or the unit cannot connect to our servers.

Update Firmware via Maestro:
If the unit is not connected to the internet or can’t communicate with the ZeeVee servers, you can update the unit via the Maestro tool. We recommend first downloading the firmware file from this website simply find the correct model, click the link for the firmware and save it locally on your computer. As a note, this page will always list the most current firmware revision. Once the file is saved locally, via the Maestro tool go to the “Device” tab and click the “Update” button. From there you will be prompted to browse to the saved file.

As a note, the final step in the firmware update, no matter how it is started, is for the unit to reboot itself.



Artikelnummer 8653-0014-01
Administrator ZeeVee
Lieferzeit 7-14 Tage


Eigenschaften Broadcast Modulator DVB-C DVB-T
Encoding MPEG-2
Protocol UDP/MPEG2-TS
Modulation DVB-T, DVB-C
Steuerung Web Interface


CV IN 12x
Audio IN analog Stereo Audio




LV-Textdoclv_zeevee_hdb2312.doc (19 KB )

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