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TPS Extenders for Single CATx Cable with Poe

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TPS Extenders for Single CATx Cable with Poe
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HDMI-TPS-TX97 and HDMI-TPS-RX97 twisted pair HDBaseTTM extenders provide extension of uncompressed 4K/UHD video with embedded audio (up to eight channel PCM or HBR audio) for long distances over a single CATx cable. The unit offers bi-directional RS-232, IR, and Ethernet pass-through on the same CATx cable that carries the video signal. The TPS extenders support full HDCP and EDID compliance and work on all standard AV resolutions up to 4K and 48-bit color depth handling all standard audio formats and also 120 Hz 3D signals. PoE 48V remote powering is available through a single CATx cable, but a local power supply can also be used. All devices can be mounted on a rack shelf or used standalone.

The auto operation mode allows the device to detect the far end extender’s mode and adopt it. If the far end device is in auto mode or if it is a third party HDBaseTTM device the link will be set to HDBT mode. If the far device is in forced Long Reach Mode then the auto operation will set the Link to Long Reach Mode. The IR OUT can operate in either Wired (unmodulated) or Emitter (modulated) mode.

HDMI-TPS-TX97 and HDMI-TPS-RX97 are compatible with HDBaseT extenders and matrix switchers.




Artikelnummer 8622-0435-01
Administrator Lightware
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  • TPS Extenders for Single CATx Cable with PoeSingle-Link DVI and HDMI extension supporting 4K/UHD (30Hz RGB 4:4:4, 60Hz YCbCr 4:2:0) and 3D capabilities
  • Extends Single-Link DVI or HDMI + Ethernet + RS-232 + IR over one CATx cable to up to 170m* transmission distance
  • 10/100 Ethernet transmission
  • Bi-directional RS-232 and IR
  • HDCP compliant, EDID transparent
  • Operation mode switch (Auto or forced Long Reach Mode)
  • IR out mode switch (Wired / Emitter
Steuerung RS-232, IP, IR
HDbaseT 5-Play
Reichweite 170 m
Remote Power Ja
HDCP compliant Ja
3D fähig Ja
4K fähig Ja


CATx IN 1x
Audio IN embedded Audio