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Four channel PCIe graphics card with four direct HDMI outputs

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Four channel PCIe graphics card with four direct HDMI outputs
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  1. Four HDMI outputs capable of 2560x1600@60
  2. Option to configure as two 4K (3840x2160@60) outputs, or one 4K and three HD outputs
  3. Supports mixing of HD and 4K outputs, all at 60fps
  4. HDCP 2.2 support
  5. Support for up to 8 cards in a single system

Seamless mixing 4K and HD outputs

Designed for professional video projects, the Image2K graphics card is a highly scalable graphics card for use with multiple screen or projector installations.

Designed to power multi-screen, video wall and LED installations, the Image2K enable seamless mixing of 4K and HD outputs, all at 60 frames per second over direct HDMI outputs.

Fully integrated with Datapath’s graphical setup wizard, the Image4K is easy to configure for different combinations of monitors, projectors, or LED controllers. Output resolution, rotation and wall layout are all easily configured using the intuitive graphical interface in a matter of minutes.

With outputs synchronized across all cards, multiple video walls and single screen displays can be powered from a single system, making the Image2K ideal for security suites, corporate office displays, retail signage or multi-video wall applications. Systems built using Datapath’s VSN or iolite 600 chassis can use up to 8 Image2K cards, giving a total of 32 HD outputs, 16 4K outputs, or a mixture of the two.


Software Drivers

Datapath’s multi-screen display driver is engineered specifically for use with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019. The display driver unifies multiple Image2K cards to present a single desktop canvas to the Windows operating system, allowing each video wall to display hundreds of output windows with full support for picture-in-picture and overlaps. The multi-screen driver supports a maximum of 32 outputs for the Image2K (eight cards).


Display Driver Configuration Tool

Our unique graphical setup tool allows users to easily configure multiple outputs to create complex video wall layouts in a matter of minutes. The tool guides users through the setup process using a simple step-by-step wizard, enabling screen dimensions, resolution and position to be configured with ease. The built-in database of monitors contains hundreds of models from various manufacturers, allowing supported resolutions and bezel measurements to be easily configured for each monitor.


Control Software

The Image2K is fully compatible with Datapath's WallControl 10 software, which provides users with the interface required to quickly and effectively manage content that can include video captures, IP streams and local applications. Users are able to place any input source on any part of the Video Wall using a simple drag and drop interface. Precise positioning of each piece of content can be achieved through the mouse and keyboard, or via the revolutionary template tool.






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Image2K Specification

Card Format PCI Express x16 Mechanical, x8 Electrical (Gen. 3)
Card Size 110mm x 177mm including heat sink
Maximum Effective Transfer Rate 5.5 GB/s sustained from Datapath Vision capture cards
Maximum Colour Depth 8-bit per component
Maximum Number of Cards per System 8 cards providing up to 32 HD channels
Graphics Card Memory 2 GB total
HDCP Support 2.2
Maximum Current at +3.3V 0.6A
Maximum Current at +12V 4.0A
Maximum Thermal Power 35W
Operating Temperature 0 to 35°C / 32 to 96°F
Storage Temperature -20 to 70°C / -4 to 158°F
Relative Humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing
MTBF Over 80,000 hrs

We are continuously developing the technology used within our product ranges delivering outstanding innovative solutions, therefore the specification may change from time to time.


Output Resolutions

All outputs configurations above are capable of 4:4:4 colour format.

4 Outputs of 2560x1600@60 or

4 Outputs of 1920x1080@60 or

2 Outputs of 3840x2160@60 or

3 Outputs of 1920x1080@60 plus 1 Output 3840x2160@60.

HDCP compliant Ja
4K fähig Ja




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