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MediaStar 785-C-POE

MediaStar HD Video Encoder with Display & Power over Ethernet

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MediaStar Systems
MediaStar 785-C-POE
MediaStar HD Video Encoder with Display & Power over Ethernet
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The MediaStar HD Encoder (785) is a robust solid state standalone unit with MPEG2/H264 and HLS encoding capability and a unique auto selecting input facility for all Baseband, Component, HDMI and SDI sources. Its compact size, PoE operation and input flexibility makes it the ideal solution for use in live events, theatres, lecterns and credenzas as well as for mobile camera applications.


The 785 encoder is a versatile unit that allows a video and audio signal to be streamed to an unlimited number of users across an IP network in real-time and to be viewed on screens, PCs, tablets and smart phones.

The encoder is a standalone unit in a robust case that has a wide variety of industry standard analogue and digital video and audio inputs.  It can be set to use a specific video input or to automatically scan all inputs and stream the first video signal it detects.

Alternatively, under the control of a third party device such as a touch screen, it can act as an AV switch between multiple input sources that need to be streamed to the network.

Basic configuration/control is by resessed selection buttons and the front panel high visibility OLED display or the full range of controls can be remotely accessed via simple-to-use web pages.

The encoder has a variety of other useful features that make it an essential part of any sophisticated AV system. These include SNMP trap events, an on board event log that can be emailed to a specific recipient as well as IP/RS232 control commands and network sourced IR blasting enabling distance control of third party IR devices at the encoder location.

In addition the unit has an IP to RS232 pass-through capability enabling remotely generated IP commands to establish a duplex communications link via the unit’s RS232 port to other co-located devices.

The 785 is powered from an AC mains to DC plug-in power supply or via 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). There are no moving parts within the encoder, and it can operate reliably in all dry environments from 0-40°C (32-104°F).




Artikelnummer 8613-0169-01
Administrator MediaStar Systems
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● Low power consumption with Power over Ethernet

● Composite, Component, 2 x HDMI and SDI inputs

● Auto input detection with programmable switching capability

● SAP support

● High visability OLED display and touch controls

● SNMP, event log with email capability

● Internal bar generator

● Network sourced IR blasting capability

● IP to RS232 pass through comms link

● Tough, compact and robust with no moving parts

Encoding H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
Protocol HLS
Steuerung RS-232


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