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MediaStar Systems

MediaStar 469 Live Streaming

MediaStar "Live" Streaming Server Software

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MediaStar Systems
MediaStar 469 Live Streaming
MediaStar "Live" Streaming Server Software
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MediaStar Evolution is an integrated IPTV, video and Digital Signage solution distributing high definition TV and Video steams as well as file based content to any display across your IP data network.

Evolution receives content from Digital TV and Satellite antennas, processes locally generated streams from cameras and servers, and then delivers that content to the screens, media players, laptops and tablets in your organisation. Evolution Media Management software gives you total control of your infrastructure and allows for pin point targeting of all your media assets on the basis of location, time or content.


Ensure important live TV and media feeds are accessible to your staff with real-time Live Streaming over your wireless networks to iOS or Android tablets and phones. When staff are further afield Live Streaming can give remote VPN connected users tailored access to important content.

• Live Stream to iOS and Android phones and tablets
• A broad range of content including TV and A/V inputs can be staged as Live Stream content in real-time using MediaStar Encoders
• Buffering Live Stream feeds at the iOS or Android device means content can be paused or rewound
• Users with iOS or Android devices can select the Live Streams and iVod content they want from MediaStar Portal Pages
• MediaStar Portal pages are easily configured in Media Manager with the published URL distributed to specific users
• MediaStar Sources can be rack mounted for headend installations or standalone for portable stream capture

A variety of different sources can be Live Streamed with the aid of a MediaStar Live Stream enabled encoder. Whether terrestrial, cable, satellite, PC output or internally created media, MediaStar Sources will scale the content and H264/AAC encode the stream into segments prior to passing them to the Live streaming server. The Live Streaming server can be configured to store an administrator specified amount of content up to a maximum of twenty hours, depending on storage availability. When content goes beyond the specified store period it is deleted.

Users can click and play iVod and Live Streaming feeds from Media Portal web pages generated by the MediaStar Media Manager. Populating Media Portal pages with content is as simple as dropping media icons to the Portal configuration Page. A single click will publish the page. Each portal page can be individually branded and customised. Both iOS and Android technologies come with Live Stream viewing technology built in, with no additional client or app install required. Integrated within the technology is the facility to pause and rewind live streaming content up to a configured maxiumum on the Live Streaming server .

For small Live Streaming systems the first MediaStar Live Stream server can be co-hosted on the Media Manager server. As the need for client devices increase and you need a corresponding increase in processing power the Live Streaming server can be installed to additional hardware. MediaStar Portal pages are licensed on a per client/device basis. Additional licenses are required as Live Streaming servers are added.




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