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C3-510 CORIO®master mini

Video Processor

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C3-510 CORIO®master mini
Video Processor
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The new CORIOmaster mini features a breakthrough 1RU design that packs real video processing punch. Up to 12 Universal DVI ports (or up to 18 SDI ports) fi t within the mini's frame. That means you can prepare dynamic video events and design full-scale 3 x 3 video walls as simply as possible, thereby eliminating a rack's worth of discrete video components. With a fully loaded mini requiring less than 150 watts, users can save up to 10X the power to boot.

Like its big brother, the CORIOmaster mini features the patented tvONE Parallel Video Processing architecture that tightly joins patented CORIO® video processors with up to 12 independent video scaling engines. The mini is the only 1RU system capable of processing up to 26 Billion video matrix calculations per second with less than 2 frames of video delay.

This radical design enables a breakthrough combination of video processing capabilities, including:

  • Projector Edge Blending to combine multiple projectors with multiple video displays
  • Highly fl exible window management: window resizing, layering and positioning across displays
  • 360 dynamic rotation of windows for optimal viewer impact (can be confi gured for real-time rotating videowalls as first demonstrated at Infocomm 2013)
  • Multi-viewer single layouts with dynamic window designs for superior single display viewing
  • Loadable graphic images for use as a window on the canvas.
  • Preset layouts offering an intuitive way to switch between preferred canvas designs
  • Software upgradeability to support future features, thereby maximizing long term value


Further, the CORIOmaster mini Parallel Processing design delivers a no-compromise viewing experience as it delivers Real Time Video Quality with less than two frame signal delay from input to output. Only CORIO can massively parallelize video tasks to deliver the highest quality video possible at ultra-low latency.

Complementing the processing skills of the mini is an unparalleled I/O versatility. From a single Universal DVI module inserted into five available AV slots, the mini supports the full range of analog and digital formats as well as up, down or cross conversion to virtually any HD or PC Resolution. NTSC and PAL standards are supported. Each module provides two I/O ports with each having independent video scaling engines.

The ultra-modular CORIO design further allows users to mix and match Universal DVI, HDBaseT and 3G/HD/SD-SDI broadcast grade modules. This versatility gives users unmatched flexibility to configure the mini to meet the full range of video processing needs.

Comes with CORIOgrapher Control Software




Artikelnummer 8624-0276-01
Administrator tvONE
Lieferzeit 2-14 Tage


  • Single Output Layout
  • Single Canvas
  • Real-time 360° Output Rotation
  • One or More Windows (PIP's) on one Canvas with 360° rotation of each window
  • PC Control Software Available
  • Edgeblending w/Side Projectors
  • Video Walls
  • Number of Monitors Determined by Number of Outputs
  • Rotation of Monitors Possible using Canvas Window Rotation
  • Command & Control
  • Monitoring of Various Video Sources & Formats
  • Hospital/Healthcare
  • Distribution with Windowing to Various Operating Rooms or other locations
  • Status Display of Video Equipment in Use
  • DVI-U Inputs/Outputs: (DVI/HDMI/CV/YC/RGB/YPbPr)
  • SDI Inputs/Outputs: (SD/HD/3G-SDI)
  • High Resolution Inputs/Outputs:
  • Analog: PC to 2048x2048, HDTV to 1080p/60 DVI: PC to 1920x1200, HDTV to 1080p/60 w/EDID SDI: SD, HDTV to 1080p/60
  • Supports: NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM
  • HDMI-compatible Input & Output with HDCP
  • Automatic Incoming Resolution Detection
  • 4:4:4 Full Bandwidth Sampling
  • Video Signal Parameter Adjustments
  • Up-Down-Cross Conversion
  • Interfaces: RS-232/422/485, USB, IP
  • Simple Command Line Interface for Third Party Control of Presets and Window Sources
  • USB Access to Internal Micro SD Card located on CPU module via Rear Type B Connector
  • 1RU Frame Size

I/O-Modules are factory configured!

Edge Blending Ja
HDCP compliant Ja
Steuerung RS-232, IP
Presets 49




CORIOmaster 4K Datenblattpdfo//coriomaster_4k_vd-eu.pdf (1.66 MB )
CORIOmaster Datenblattpdf3//c3-540-v4_vd-eu.pdf (439.71 KB )
CORIOmaster Applications Broschürepdfo//coriomaster_applications-brochure_vd-eu.pdf (1.34 MB )
CORIOgrapher Datenblattpdfo//coriographer_v2_vd-eu.pdf (1.44 MB )
LV-Textdoclv_tv_one_corio_mini.doc (25 KB )
CORIOmaster Broschüre 2017pdfo//coriomaster_brochure_eu_2017_vd-eu.pdf (3.8 MB )

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