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3U Rack System
3U Rack System
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RAX-300 3U Modular Rack Mount System

Whether a conventional point-to-point system or a fully fledged multi-zone environment, organisation organisation of the numerous components is essential when creating the perfect installation. The equipment rack can typically become a very complex place, especially when employing multiple point-to-point extenders, repeaters and break out boxes.

The RAX series of racking solutions offers installers the ideal solution to house multiple components neatly and securely, but still offering simple access for servicing. The RAX-300 is a 3U rack mount housing conforming to standard rack depth and width sizes. The RAX-300 is capable of housing up to 15 individual components.

A range of accessories are also available to power, cool and aesthetically complete the installation.


  • Standard 3U (19") Rack Mount Size
  • 15 Individual Component Slots
  • RAX Rack Accessories Available
  • Simple Installation/Configuration
  • Front Panel Lock Off Screws
  • Cable Access and Tethering Points
PSU: 2 x Multi-PSU housing slots
Dimensions 300mm [W] x 483mm [D] x 130mm [H]
Net Weight 4000g
Gross Weight 5400g



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