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RC400T Bedienkonsole
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RC400T Bedienkonsole
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RC400T Bedienkonsole

The RC400T event controller has been designed to greatly increase the level of operational efficiency and to give instant access to the crucial functionalities of the LivePremier™ and the Midra™ 4K image processor such as screens, layers, sources and memories. Up to five processors can be controlled in parallel (switch on the fly). The RC400T comes with a small footprint design and rugged housing, and offers 56 user programmable buttons, a high-resolution T-bar and a three-axis joystick for easy and fast PIP sizing and programming. This makes it the perfect solution for most control environments from large-scale live events (music shows, product launches, industry conferences…) to multi-purpose event auditoriums.


Key Features

  • Heavy-duty, compact design
  • Designed for fault-free operation
  • Instant access to crucial functionalities
  • 56 user-programmable buttons
  • High-resolution T-bar
  • Three-axis joystick for easy and fast PIP sizing and programming
  • Controls up to 5 devices in parallel (on-the-fly switching from the menu) 
  • 1 USB (front panel) and 1 USB (rear panel)
  • 1 Ethernet network interface
  • Can be deployed both on a desk or recessed in the console surface
  • 1 4-pin XLR connector XLR for LED lamp (sold as an option)






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