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SHARON 20 Black

Full NDI® PTZ Camera, 20 x Zoom
SHARON 20 Black
Full NDI® PTZ Camera, 20 x Zoom
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NDI 5 Supports

The new update will make it possible to connect to any device, in any location, anywhere in the world – allowing it to work with almost any video application in the world. Physical studios can connect to ones in the cloud and remote video production effectively becomes local.

High Bandwidth Full NDI

Hardware (Silicon-based) NDI® reaches about 140Mbit at 1080p60 and is visually lossless. Relatively compared to NDI/HX, PC-based NDI switchers use low CPU and GPU, so they have the advantage of using more clear channels in the same environment. Hardware-based high bandwidth NDI designed by Salrayworks with the latest embedded NDI SDK on Intel FPGA guarantees visually lossless video. NDI®️Silicon, frame rates up to 1080P60.

Amazing image quality with SalrayWorks’ Full High Bandwidth NDI®  And SONY SENSOR

By harmony with Salrayworks’s own design NDI® silicon chip, and a our own 1/2.8-type Exmor R CMOS image sensor, and a hi-end 20 x ZOOM Module, Sharon 20  do precise and fast autofocus, superior sensitivity in the dark, and insanely fast zoom.  The amazing  20x   optical zoom range is complemented by 12x digital zoom for frame-filling close-ups with every detail seen clearly.  Make cost-effective full NDI PTZ Under 2K possible.

Ultra-fast response and Multi-Processing. 

Currently, 9 sockets are connected for real-time command processing, so it is possible to process multiple control commands at the same time, and it enables a faster and smoother response by operating with the controller

NDI Webserver

You can automatically connect to the Sharon NDI series camera to make individual IP settings, system monitoring, check the Bandwidth, set PTZ controls or presets, and update the firmware.

Multi-Connectivity Output Video

Simultaneously output 1080/60p baseband video through NDI®, 3G-SDI, HDMI, and CVBS. This capability makes the camera ideal for simultaneous recording of conferences, lectures, seminars, and other live events with different Interfaces.

Home Position Setup

When the SHARON PTZ is restarted, you can position it to the initial position of the camera you want.

Smart Flip

If the tilt angle exceeds 90°, this function will rotate the image automatically.


By designating the starting point and the ending point, it is possible to shoot while automatically repeating the position of the camera.

Pattern Recording

This is a function that allows you to save and playback shots according to the camera position and zoom movement using PTZ Controller or Remote Controller


Multiple saved patterns, swings, and presets can be grouped together to create a single scenario.


Support for both of ” LIEN IN and MIC IN”

Power Up Action

When restarting, you can decide whether to go to the home position or the preset position.

PAN TILT with zoom

Fast zoom speed in the close, slow zoom speed in the distance.. Control the speed of zoom according to the movement.

Proudly Made in Seoul

Developed, produced, inspected, and shipped in Seoul Korea. This process is never easy due to the increase in cost, but we insist on Made in Seoul, Korea


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Auflösung Resolution 1920×1080 60p/59.94p
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Audio IN • MIC Input – Mic Level (1Vrms). 2.5V Mic bias – Audio On / Of