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Full HD Auto Tracking Camera, USB 3.0, HDMI, LAN, 12 X Optical Zoom
Full HD Auto Tracking Camera, USB 3.0, HDMI, LAN, 12 X Optical Zoom
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UV100T Education Intelligent Auto-tracking Camera

UV100T Education Intelligent Auto-tracking Camera is a dedicated intelligent auto-tracking camera.UV100T Education Intelligent Auto-tracking Camera is built-in with high speed processor, advanced image processing and analysis algorithms to track lecturers and students accurately and quickly, which is in line with the requirements of lecturer capture and remote interactive teaching.

UV100T Education Intelligent Auto-tracking Camera adopts advanced ISP technologies and algorithms, to make a vivid image quality, screen brightness uniformity, strong sense of depth, high-definition, and fantastic color rendition.As a stable, reliable and simple machine to operate, UV100T has full function and high performance. Also it is easy to install and maintain

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Key Features

1. Integrated design: 

Built-in panoramic camera, to achieve an integrated fusion of panoramic camera and tracking camera.

2. Advanced tracking algorithms: 

The use of advanced human detection, locking and tracking image processing, analysis algorithm to ensure the target tracking steady, accurate and fast.

3. Strong anti-interference ability: 

Once the tracking target is locked, not affected by the disturbances of other moving objects and projectors etc.

4. Smooth tracking: 

The sensitivity of action can be adjusted. Tracking target’s small movement or gestures will not cause camera’s misoperation.

5. Full-frame image recognition: 

Image detection is performed on each frame of the picture, and the image recognition sensitivity is high. In a complex environment, People and background can be accurately distinguished and tracked. When there are multiple moving targets, it can still track target accurately, and the target loss rate is extremely low.

6. Video image auto adaptation: 

Based on the distance of tracking target, the tracking camera will automatically zoom and the video image will always maintain the appropriate size and proportion.

7. Strong environmental adaptability: 

The tracking performance is not affected by classroom’s size, shape and seating arrangement.


8. Wide-range, Quiet and Quick Pan/Tilt Mechanism
Using step driving motor mechanism, UV100T camera works extremely quiet and moves smoothly without any noises.




Artikelnummer 8716-0006-01
Administrator Minrray
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Auflösung 1080p60 (Full HD)
Auflösung up to 1920x1080 with framerate up to 60fps
Encoding AAC, H.264, H.265, MP3
Steuerung RS-232