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Capture Card
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The VisionDVI-DL is a single channel PCI express dual-link DVI capture card. A stand alone PCI Express x4 plug in video capture card, the VisionDVI-DL delivers extreme performance with 650MB/s transfer bandwidth.  A maximum canvas of 4kx4k allows any DVI source to be captured. 

The VisionDVI-DL capture card has integrated DVI equalizers on its inputs to support longer input cable lengths (up to 20m).  This video capture card is suitable for a wide range of applications including:

  • Large video walls
  • High resolution, high bandwidth applications
  • Advanced Medical and Machine Vision capture
  • Radar, Security/Surveillance and Military applications
  • IP Render decode capture



The VisionDVI-DL, dual-link DVI capture card, is supplied with a powerful software application for configuring the format of the input sources and displaying the data.  Simply connect your video source into the card, run the VisionDVI-DL application to automatically detect the video source resolution and display the captured video in a window on your desktop.

Wall Control-red presents a representational window of the entire display wall showing position and size of video windows. Datapath Wall Control-red video wall software enables you to configure your multi-screen display, launch video overlays and create a video wall layout configuration. With the full version it is possible to save layouts and recall them for future use and also operate Wall Control video wall software on a remote PC via a network connection.


For streaming applications, the VisionDVI-DL capture card can be used with Windows Media Encoder to compress and stream captured video. To replay the video, use Windows® Media Player.

Any application compatible with Windows® DirectShow technology can use the VisionDVI-DL capture card due to its built-in WDM support.




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  • Single channel PCI Express 4 lane bus with maximum data rate of 650MB/sec, allowing high resolution sources to be displayed at full frame rate
  • Support for 330MHz pixel clock and a maximum canvas of 4k x 4k
  • HD video capture for all progressive and interlaced DVI/HDMI modes
  • Captures Quad-HD (2160p) Digital Cinema modes at 24/25/30fps
  • 128MB on board frame buffer
  • Input equalisation supporting longer input cables
  • High performance DMA to system memory or direct to graphics memory with scatter gather high quality scaling (7x3 Polyphase filter)
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